Fixation cylinder Rondoline®-PU

Fixation cylinders Rondoline®-PU are suitable as pressure pads for high pressure loads and also as mounting in thermal insulation composite systems of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and rock wool (SW).


Fixation cylinders Rondoline®-PU are formfoamed cylinders made of black-coloured, rot-resistant and CFU-free PU-rigid foam plastic (polyurethane). They are available in two different diameters.
Wood or sheet metal screws are suitable for the screw connections in fixation cylinder Rondoline®-PU, likewise, screws with cylindrical threads and larger pitch (e.g. frame screws). In case of large tensile or lateral loads, the anchorage must be made in the underground.


Diameter:90 / 125 mm
Useful surface diameter:50 / 85 mm
Thicknesses:60 - 300 mm
Volumetric weight:300 kg/m3