Supporting bracket TWL®-ALU-RF

Supporting brackets TWL®-ALU-RF are suitable for thermal bridge-free mounting in thermal insulation composite systems, rear-ventilated façades, interior insulations etc.


Supporting brackets TWL®-ALU-RF are made of black-coloured, rot-resistant CFC-free PU-rigid foam (polyurethane) with one foamed steel sheet panel for the non-positive screw attachment with the anchorage, an aluminium plate for screwing the attachment part and a compact plate (HPL), which ensures optimum distribution of pressure on the surface. Fastening material will be supplied on request.


Base surface: 320 x 125 mm
Types: 80 - 300 mm
Compact plate:117 x 65 x 6 mm
Useful surface area:97 x 45 mm
Thickness aluminium plate: 6 mm
Hole distance: 120 x 100 mm
Volumetric weight PU: 450 kg/m³

Mechanical Attachment for Brick

Threaded rod: FIS A M8 x 150
Anchor sleeve: FIS H 12 x 85 K
Bore-hole diameter: 12 mm
Drilling depth (min.): 95 mm
Anchorage depth (min.): 85 mm
Recording tool: torx13

Mechanical Attachment for Concrete

Threaded rod: FIS A M8 x 130
Bore-hole diameter: 10 mm
Drilling depth (min.): 64 mm
Anchorage depth (min.): 64 mm
Recording tool: torx13