Fixation cylinder ZyRillo®-PE

Fixation cylinders ZyRillo®-PE are suitable for thermal bridge-free mounting in thermal insulation composite systems of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and rock wool (SW).


Fixation cylinders ZyRillo®-PE are formfoamed cylinders. They are made of highgrade plastic and have wave-like lateral surfaces. They are available in two diameters.
Wood or sheet metal screws as well as metric screw threads (M screws) are suitable for the screw connections in the fixation cylinders ZyRillo®-PE.


Diameters: 70 / 125 mm
Useable surface diameters: 50 / 105 mm
Useable thickness for screw connection: 22 mm
Thickness: 70 mm

Fastening material

Adhesive: PU-Adhesive DoPurCol

Packaging units

Fixation cylinder per package: 10 / 50 Unit