Adapter brackets for mounting elements

Thursday, September 14, 2017
Adapter brackets for mounting elements

With our mounting elements; support brackets TRA-WIK®, universal mounting plates UMP® and heavy-duty brackets SLK®, we can offer the right solution for thermal bridging-free third-party installation for many challenges.

Nevertheless, we have been confronted with requests and situations in the recent past where our products could not be used or only with adapters.

This gave rise to the idea and ultimately to a defined range of adapter consoles. Tailor-made and individual solutions for extraordinary applications?!
No problem, with our new range of accessories for mounting elements we have the perfect solution ready to hand.

Dosteba adapter consoles offer the following possibilities:


Greater or definable distances between the fixing points (screw spacing)
Fastening in masonry or concrete in accordance with approval
Installation of heavy-duty brackets in concrete end faces

Larger or definable protrusions
Mounting on outside corners with brackets TRA-WIK® and TWL®

Larger or definable wall distances
Bridging Superior window frame with bracket TRA-WIK® and TWL®
Post elements
for double-sided mounting on posts or retaining walls

Adapter consoles are now available. For manufactories, please contact our technical advisors or our sales department.