Factory production control - Quality control from A-Z

czwartek, 14 września 2017
Factory production control - Quality control from A-Z

To distinguish good from bad quality is in most cases no witchcraft.
We all have a claim to good quality, be it in the case of everyday consumer goods such as food, for example, or the countless services that we make use of unconsciously in some cases. Or when was the last time you were annoyed about a bad connection in the mobile network?

However, ensuring uncompromising, consistently high quality is another matter. We cannot afford any "disconnection" or exception.
Ultimately, it's all about security, who wants to take a risk!? I'm not going to?

Therefore, our products are monitored within the scope of "factory production control". Ultimately, you must be able to rely on the balcony railing or fall protection system to deliver what it promises at all times.

The monitoring of our products starts with the production of the individual components.
All data and facts of our suppliers and raw materials are meticulously recorded. Special acceptance test certificates are used for this purpose, i. e. the identity card of the raw material.

Once the raw material in question has been transformed into semi-finished products, we carry out further checks in our production facilities such as: batch control, dimensions, weight and load-bearing capacity.
Only now - after successful inspection - are the semi-finished products released for the production of our assembly elements products.

The produced Dosteba product (e. g. load-bearing angle TRA-WIK-ALU-RF / -RL) is now checked again for the mentioned parameters. Regularly (1% of all manufactured products) tests are carried out in our laboratory within the framework of factory production control. Load tests up to complete failure (destruction tests) provide information about the exact performance of our products.

This is the only way to guarantee consistent and high quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.