Electric recessed socket Eldoline®-EPS

Electric recessed sockets Eldoline®-EPS are suitable for thermal bridge-free mounting of electric switches and power sockets in thermal insulation composite systems, rear-ventilated façades, interior insulations etc.


Electric recessed sockets Eldoline®-EPS consists of a socket and four feet made of flame-retardant plastic affixed to the EPS moulding. The cable or pipe leads are sealed with blind plugs made of EPS. Electric recessed sockets Eldoline®-EPS are available in three different versions.

Electric recessed socket Eldoline®-EPS

150 x 150 mm, Size 1
210 x 150 mm, Size 2 x 1
250 x 150 mm, Size 2 x 1 NUP
150 x 150 mm, flush mounting box Vimar V71303


Thicknesses D: 80 – 300 mm
Internal size of socket: 65 x 65 mm
125 x 65 mm
External size of rim: 100 x 100 mm
160 x 100 mm
Depth of holder: 55 mm
Volumetric weight EPS: 30 kg/m³