Adjustable foot for suppor-ting bracket TRA-WIK®-ALU<br /> and TWL®-ALU

lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2014

Adjustable foot for supporting bracket TRA-WIK®-ALU and TWL®-ALU

The problem  
Supporting brackets TRA-WIK®-ALU-RF / -RL and TWL®-ALU-RF / -RL must be friction-locked and pressureresistant with the substrate, and fl ush with the insulation plates. Adhesive mortar fulfi ls this function well, although bonding is not possible for all applications.  
The solution  
Adjustable feet allow simple friction-locked and pressureresistant mounting and alignment of supporting brackets TRA-WIK®-ALU-RF / -RL and
TWL®-ALU-RF / -RL – even without adhesive mortar.
Your benefit  
MAdjustable feet means that bonding with adhesive mortar is no longer needed, thus saving drying time.  
Your advantages  
  • Quick and friction-locked assembly
  • Easy to align
  • No adhesive mortar needed
The product  
Adjustable feet are the ideal accessory for a simple and effi cient assembly of supporting brackets TRA-WIK®- ALU-RF / -RL and TWL®-ALU-RF / -RL without adhesive mortar. Use an open-end wrench to set the adjustable feet precisely. The support surface can be enhanced with washers if the substrate has insuffi cient pressure resistance. Three adjustable feet are needed for each supporting bracket.  
  • External sensors
  • Movement detector
  • Electric switch
  • Power sockets
  • Outdoor lighting
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