earthquake tests

poniedziałek, 1 kwietnia 2019

Use of supporting brackets in earthquake-prone areas

Dosteba is the first company to successfully carry out earthquake tests with thermally separated supporting brackets at the CSTB in Paris. This means that non-load-bearing elements such as railings, external closures or shading elements can also be used in earthquake-prone areas (zones 1 - 4 in France). The supporting brackets TRA-WIK®-PU have passed the tests up to 200 mm and the supporting brackets TRA-WIK®-ALU and TWL®-ALU up to 300 mm. The maximum loads can be taken from the expert opinion of C4Ci.

Supporting brackets TRA-WIK®-PU (Table 10, Page 14)
Supporting brackets TRA-WIK®-ALU (Table 11, Page 15)
Supporting brackets TWL®-ALU (Table 12, Page 16)