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Heat insulation bonding systems are excellent climate protectors and reduce CO2 emissions. The reduction of CO2 emissions is a European goal which will shape the coming generations. In order for the inventory of buildings and also new buildings to also be insulated effectively in terms of energy demands, larger insulation thicknesses and new insulation systems were required. The more effective the heat insulation should be, the more important it is to do proper planning and area-appropriate design.

Area-appropriate design starts with the proper and precise cutting of the insulation panels. Along with our subsidiaries, Kambo AG and Spewe AG, we develop and produce professional tools with which detailed designs can be cut quickly and precisely. Cutting devices were and are developed in Switzerland in almost all insulation types, so that we can hand you a tool which is fun to work with.

Installation must be installed again on the insulated façades. The insulation is good for keeping energy from escaping but bad for attachments. A secure attachment, without a heat by-pass and with good processing, are the most important principles which we strive to achieve. Because only if the details as well as the assemblies for ETICS are correctly planned and implemented, the façade will provide enjoyment for many years and will remain defect-free.

A high-quality tool for processing insulations at the construction site and innovative heat bypass-free attachments for ETICS (external thermal insulation composite systems) - that is our passion. For many years, our products have already proven effective on the market. We provide you with products which you products which offer you quality and security as a planner, building owner or processor which last for years. We are committed to this on a daily basis.

Michael Menden